Twitter Has Changed Social Newtworking

“Why is Twitter important and how can it be used for different things, like promoting your blog?”

The internet alone has made a huge impact on connecting, marketing and promoting both people and companies over the past decade. One of the most influential parts of the internet was the social media craze! An important social media networks right now is Twitter. Twitter has become one of the most revolutionary social media networks created…well next to Facebook. But what makes Twitter so important and different from Facebook?  Is it the cute tweet sound it makes when you get a “retweet”, or is it because you can follow you favorite celebrities, well maybe it is its minimal but beneficial ways of providing information quickly to your audience? Whatever your reasoning is, Twitter has definitely changed the social media game.

Twitter’s 140 characters can be used in different ways. Twitter allows you to add photos, of events, businesses, clients, and other images to help enhance the way people view you or what you are promoting. For example many new companies use twitter to quickly develop and enhance their brand. Sherilynn Macale from says “Twitter users are more likely to impact your brand than any other social network.

Macale explains this is because in a recent report from Exact Target (a global Software as a Service leader that connects customers with organizations through marketing), says that daily active Twitter users which are the consumers take time actually reach out to or follow brands via Twitter — are “3x more likely to amplify the influence of that brand than a Facebook user would.”

Twitter can be especially used for smaller more personal ways such as promoting a student blog. Twitter easily can be linked with your blog page, Facebook page, YouTube, and other social media outlets creating a domino effect of a constant push of information. For example when you publish a blog post, a snippet of the article will be sent to your Twitter page.  It can then be sent to your Facebook page from Twitter telling all of your friends and family about what you just wrote about…instantly. Twitter is constantly adding more uses to the network, adding mobile applications, incorporating GPS and lots more.

Twitter has made our social, promotional world a different place and it is ever changing. And we thought Facebook was enough…kind of makes you wonder what is next in the social media niche, doesn’t it?

We’ll see!


Exact Target

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